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WatchPoint Specializes in:

  • Home Security systems
  • Home Security cameras & full surveillance camera systems
  • Home security camera installations
  • Commercial surveillance systems
  • Installation of CCTV & Surveillance systems
  • Service of CCTV & Surveillance systems
  • Expansion of existing security camera systems, access control or burglar alarm systems
  • Repair of existing security camera systems, access control or burglar alarm systems
  • Solar installations to support power for remote security camera applications
  • Cellular data installations to allow network access to remote security camera locations
New Systems 4K
Use of Existing Wiring

We can upgrade your system to 4k using your existing wiring.

Upgrading Existing Systems
Integrating Old and New

In many scenarios pieces of your old system can be integrated into the new system, giving you all the perks and saving you money!

Free local Support
Hands on Service and Manufacture Direct Pricing

We take the time to visit your location and assess your unique security needs.

Heavily Experienced In Integration
Security Camera + POS

Our systems are designed to integrate with other daily devices already in your home or business.

AgCamera.Com & Network Expansion
Creative Solutions For Maximum Reach

We have extensive experience in the use of IT devices & IP based security cameras that allow a customer to extend their existing internet service (network) to other points or locations in their home or on their property.


We have a wide variety of clientele, from your everyday home owner to the prestigious United States Air Force Academy. Below is a small list of some of our commercial clients.

Read letter of recommendation from the US Air Force Academy

No Contracts or Monthly Fees

None of our security camera systems or access control solutions require a contract or a monthly fee. All of our solutions allow for remote access and viewing features.

What Makes Us Different

WatchPoint is different from the usual one size fits all security companies in the industry. The large corporate companies such as ADT commonly only offer completely new systems, with up front equipment costs, contracts and monthly fees. They do this with little regard to the client's budget, needs or existing security infrastructure.

WatchPoint takes a different approach, we prefer to take the time to visit your location, assess your security needs, and examine any existing security or surveillance infrastructure already in use. In many scenarios pieces of your old system can be integrated into the new system. This can provide a new HD or 4K system with all the perks but at a greatly reduced price.

About Us

The ownership at WatchPoint Surveillance is as diverse as it is dedicated. Ryan is a Colorado Springs native who went to UCCS for his network engineering education. Trent is a Texan who spent many years designing, implementing and trouble shooting surveillance and access control systems for Texas A&M University! As CU Buff fans we can not condone his service to the Aggies, however, we can appreciate all the fantastic training they provided him in his years of service. Combined the ownership of Watchpoint has 24 years of experience in the security industry!

About WatchPoint surveillance
Mission Statement

We strive to provide superior service, superior products and superior support to our clients for a less than superior price! We will always go the extra mile for our clients because the extra mile is rarely traveled. In fact, it’s the only mile in Colorado traffic that isn’t congested!

About WatchPoint surveillance
Our Solutions
Serving Colordo Springs Since 2008

WatchPoint Surveillance has been serving Colorado and the front range since 2008. Watchpoint is a proud A+ rated member of the BBB since 2008. We are a full-service security system provider & integrator, specializing in custom security solutions for both home security cameras and commercial surveillance systems. We do it all, from our work on a 1400 HD camera addition for the United States Air Force Academy, down to small residential applications and everything in between. No job is too large or too small. We believe that customers of all sizes and budgets deserve to feel secure in their businesses and homes!

We carry many product lines from manufacturers all over the globe. 4K and high definition video surveillance systems, access control, and self-monitored burglar alarm systems are just a few of the security solutions we offer to our customers.

About WatchPoint surveillance


WatchPoint has been in the security camera business for 12 years, and in that time we have gained experience in almost all aspects of the security industry. From system planning, system design, implementation and continuing maintenance. We are licensed and insured to work on and pull permits for all manner of access control applications. We have intricate knowledge of all the fire code and building code requirements to install and pass inspection for new and updated access control.

We have designed and implemented surveillance camera systems and access control systems for all manner of clientele: from your everyday home security camera applications, to high traffic retail and large commercial surveillance system scenarios. We are specifically trained and well versed in all the state & MMED requirements for security camera coverage of medical marijuana and retail marijuana sales and grow facilities. We have extensive experience in planning, mapping, and working with clients through the MMED approval process, as well as any change of premise needs that may arise down the road.


Ongoing support after the sale is a huge part of picking a security company. Today’s surveillance camera systems are designed to do all manner of functions, from simple security camera video recording, to point of sale monitoring, facial recognition and people counting. We offer free lifetime tech support with any access control, burglar or security camera system purchased, and we stand behind that customer service with same day support available every day! We don’t expect you to know all the things your surveillance camera system can do for you or your business, that’s why we are always here for our clients!

Manufacturer pricing for security surveillance equipment

Manufacturer Direct Pricing

We have been in the surveillance camera and security industry long enough to make some fantastic contacts with many different manufacturers. We have personally visited manufacturing plants in Shenzen, China and our pricing reflects our relationship with those manufacturers. When we buy equipment, we cut the middle man out of the process and are able to work directly with most manufacturers to deliver manufacturer direct pricing to our clients. The middle man (distributor) only exists for his knowledge and experience in the industry. When the contractor already has that knowledge, we can cut out the distributors mark up and deal directly with the manufacturer for the best pricing available.


Today’s security camera systems aren’t meant to be standalone systems. They are designed to integrate with other daily devices already in your home or business. A few great examples of that are the existing burglar alarm or Point of Sale system in your business. Our surveillance camera systems are designed so that they can integrate with your existing POS. When this is done properly it becomes a powerful tool for management and loss prevention. When integrated properly, every transaction in your POS can be displayed on that Point of sales security camera screen. This allows an owner to verify the product being rang up in the POS is indeed the product being sold! This can prevent sales clerks from ringing up a 6 pack of beer for his buddy while the customer is walking out with a 12 pack. The transaction being overlaid on the security camera footage allows owners and managers to verify the validity and accuracy of the checkout process!

security surveillance network integration

Network Integration

We have extensive experience in the use of IT devices & IP based security cameras that allow a customer to extend their existing internet service (network) to other points or locations in their home or on their property. This technology is integral in delivering cost effective and clean solutions for applications that otherwise may not be achievable. Our website is a great example of that technology. We utilize IT technology to take the internet service from a customer’s home and extend that network out to their calving/foaling barns. This allows us to integrate any surveillance cameras in the customers barn onto their existing home internet network. So even though a client may not have internet in their barn or garage we can extend that service and then take full advantage of the available network to set those Surveillance cameras or completed security camera systems so they can be remotely accessed via PC/laptop/tablet or smartphone!

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